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Increase your dedicated Twitter following with Toolows, the tool for audience building, communication, and managing Twitter accounts.

What Toolows Has to Offer

Try our service now to reach your target audience and you will see that: Toolows contributes to the growth of your brand; it generates organic growth of your Twitter following, and it increases your visibility, reputation, and influence.

Toolows' services translate directly into support for gaining dedicated followers, maintaining a healthy Twitter account, and facilitating great communication with your followers. To do this, a toolkit will facilitate the use and control of your Twitter account in a convenient and centralized way.

Increase Your Number of Followers

Improve your audience. When creating a recruitment campaign to increase your following, you can choose to filter your audience by qualities like language, and by improved geographic location (using proprietary algorithms added to the tweet), keywords, negative keywords and more. The quality filters make it so that the recommended accounts have the authority that you demand.

Automatic Posting

Post tweets automatically but naturally from syndications (feeds) like RSS and Atom; all this information can be obtained from your blog or website. Every time you publish a post, Toolows creates a tweet with the title and, if you want, a link to your website.

You can add more than one feed, either your own or one from another site. You can even schedule the postings and set schedules, showing the image that is related to the post.

Statistics and Daily Reports

Toolows helps you to visualize the daily progress of your recruitment campaigns. With our tool, you’ll be attracting dedicated followers within a few hours. We also show you the conversion rate of your campaigns.

With Toolows, we automatically and regularly show you: a summary of your new followers, a map their locations for the campaign, published tweets and Influencer information.

Great for Individuals, Ideal for Agencies

We always keep agencies in mind. Toolows can help the management of multiple Twitter accounts by working centrally, but always respecting the individuality of each account.

Now you can take advantage of our discounts available for managing three or more accounts.

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