We take data privacy seriously

Every day we put time and money into making sure that our systems use the latest technology for the protection and storage of our users' data, including using an 256 bit encoded SSL.

We value your data and we work hard to protect it. The information that each client gives us is stored in at least two data centers, including the active information and any data which becomes redundant.


All of Socialnk’s infrastructure is designed and displayed in the cloud. Our servers are found in “Tier 4” data centres distributed around France, Germany, England, the United States, Brazil and Canada and are attended to by technical experts, kept cool with refrigeration and with a network designed to guarantee the care and functioning of our tools.


We value your data so we are focused on its protection. All information is stored in a safe and secure way in different locations, with copies made to guarantee the security and consistency of data.

Server security

Only a small group of engineers have access to our production environment. We use authentication systems and SSH keys to access servers in all locations. We are subject to different security controls in the application as much as in operating systems and we work with stable, recognised services such as Linux, mySQL, Apache and Redis.

Access to our production environment and to sensitive data is only granted to our team of engineers and is protected by SSH keys.

Credit card processor

We don't store your credit card details anywhere. After paying using Stripe, we only keep the last four numbers of your card in order to identify a reference for the card used. We do not keep the complete number or CVC code and none of the data goes through our servers.

We use Stripe as a credit card processor that stores and protects this information. It's one of the most respected and most widely used payment platforms in the world and is a specialist service in managing this type of information.


Socialnk uses external providers and associated servers to provide our hardware, software, networks storage and related technology to make our services work. Although Socialnk owns the coding, database and all the rights of the application, the user retains their rights over their information.

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