Manage your Instagram accounts in the easiest way possible

Put all of your Instagram accounts into socialnk’s one tool to widen your audience and ensure that you are constantly engaging with them and keeping them active in building your brand image.

Socialnk allows users to manage your Instagram to help you keep your followers engaged and loving your feed. Any Instagramer knows that alongside creating good media, you have to use monitoring tools and analytics to follow the latest trends and search for the best tool for managing your account. Socialnk offers all of that, alongside customized hashtags, to help you take your page to the next level.

Control everything from just one platform

With socialnk, you can combine everything into just one page to make managing your Instagram accounts simple, easy and quick. Save time with the management of your accounts by avoiding having to share passwords and use complex administration tools, and instead dedicate your time and focus to creating great content.

Instagram's Terms of Use

Socialnk operates completely within the terms laid out in Instagram's Terms of Use. That means that we do not save your username or password and do not fully automate the posting procedure whilst making the scheduling of content as simple as can be.

Managing multiple Instagram accounts

You can manage multiple Instragram accounts through Socialnk depending upon the plan that you sign up for. If you choose to, you can manage several accounts from one platform.

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