Create a chatbot for your social media

Set up a bot to talk to users, customers and potential customers for you on social media with our quick and easy service for beginners.

A chatbot is able to respond to the typical questions or requests that are most common for your brand that take up all of your time in customer service. A bot can do anything from resolve a query to making an order, it all depends on your brand and what you want to get from the facility.

You can create your own bot in just a few minutes, identifying the most common conversations that you have on social media with your customers in the languages that you use. Don’t worry, there’s no prior knowledge of programming or artificial intelligence required!

Service which gets better with age

Chatbots learn as they go along, just like humans do. It learns from the conversations it has with customers to improve its responses and make the user’s experience the best possible.

Integrated tool

All of ours bots can be integrated with every social media platform that you have set up with socialnk. Share the same queries and questions across the various platforms from just your one brand and even bring together a user identity across all platforms.

The perfect solution

Create different situations and scenarios, design the appropriate response within the conversation and analyse how your users interact with your brand all in one place.

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