Why do hashtags matter on Instagram? Here's the Socialnk guide

When using hashtags on Instagram, there are three main reasons for doing so. Socialnk can help you with all three.

Friday 18, August 2017 12:08 | Sam Leveridge

Hashtags on social media are a hot topic for community managers. Some are firmly in the pro camp, recognizing their value for visibility. Others have a less favorable view, feeling that it cheapens their brand. In fact, the opposite is true. Here are the three ways in which hashtags on Instagram can revolutionize your social media campaign:

Hashtags for branding

Creating a hashtag for your brand can be a brave move, but it's a great way to stamp your mark on your content. When seeking to get your fans involved in a campaign, it's the best way to spread your brand message through user generated content too.

Users can search Instagram through this hashtag and immediately identify your brand and get a feel of what your brand is about without having to directly hunt for your corporate profile.

Socialnk can help you by suggesting improvements to hashtags to find ideas that will capture the attention of your fans and reach existing and potential fans alike.

Hashtags for visibility

Much like in a search engine, users search on Instagram by key words. You want your products and services to be appearing alongside those of the competition and so using those key word hashtags can be crucial to ensuring that you are ahead of the crowd, rather than being left behind.

It's all well and good having great content on Instagram, but the wider audience you reach, the greater impact it will have and the more sales you can generate.

This is where Socialnk's hashtag tools come into their own. They can help you identify the key hashtags to match your needs and desires. By targeting these top recommendations, Socialnk aids you to use the hashtags which will open up your content to a bigger audience.

Hashtags for trends

Every community manager wants to see one of their posts go viral or set a new trend. Hashtags are the key ingredient to doing that. To get that initial spark, you need to reach a huge audience who are looking to engage with creative content.

The first step is having great content, but that is worthless without using the right hashtags to spread your content around and reach as many people as possible.

By helping you to be seen by a bigger audience, Socialnk's hashtag recommendations can ensure that your chances of a post going viral increase exponentially to reach the target audience to do just that.

What are you waiting for? Get exploring how to improve your Instagram content with Socialnk now.