When should I schedule my tweets?

The time of day when you should be tweeting is never a simple question to answer. Here at Socialnk, we're ready to help with some top tips and a great tool to use to make your life a whole lot more simple.

Tuesday 14, November 2017 16:11 | Sam Leveridge

Deciding when you will best appeal to your audience is a tough ask. Each business and organization will have its own schedules which work best for them, and as such there is no set rule.

The main thing to consider is your audience

Think about who you want to see, engage and enjoy your content. A nightclub will be appealing to different users entirely to an accounting firm, for example.

When will they be online? Young people and working professionals won't be checking their timeline or news feed at 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon, so there's no point wasting content by putting it out at that time. Equally, retired citizens won't be logging on at 11pm.

Consider what you're selling

It doesn't matter if it's a sales post or not, your business or organization will want to get something across from their post. If it's a corporate or B2B style message, then it's unlikely that the people you are trying to reach will want to engage with you on their Saturday afternoons as they take a break from life in the office.

Don't forget time zones

If you are a global company, time zones can make a huge difference. Whilst it might be 8pm and the perfect time to reach out to your audience in New York, in Europe it's 2am and your message is going to waste.

Balancing time zones can be hard, but adapt your content to match. If you have certain products or services available only in one part of the world, of if there's a regional event or trend like Thanksgiving or the soccer European Championships, then play to those in the relevant time zones.

Make sure your schedule is well planned

Using Socialnk, you can ensure that you have your timeline always full to the rim with exciting content. You can see exactly what you have planned for the coming days, weeks or even months and that means that your fans and followers won't forget who you are.

Not only does scheduling tweets save you a huge amount of time and is a lot more practical, but it helps you to get better results in the long run. Minimizing costs and increasing returns, it's the ideal solution and you can achieve it with Socialnk.