What is a social media calendar and how should you use it?

All community managers must have a social media calendar to get the most out of their work. Socialnk explain how to make it worthwhile.

Tuesday 24, October 2017 08:10 | Sam Leveridge

What is a social media calendar?

A social media calendar is a basic starting point for anyone looking to use social media for an organisation, whether that is a multi-million dollar company or a small fan page. It will set out your strategy and help you to set goals to aim for.

What should it include?

There is more to social media than just posting content. You need to remember to engage with your fans and followers to keep them interested in your posts and make them feel loved, and also need to allocate time for monitoring and assessment.

Auditing your social media profiles and measuring success are crucial to ensure that they are worthwhile in the long term, particularly if you have demanding bosses to please.

That said, a social media calendar also helps you to keep organised and keep your content of the highest quality. It aids you to have a clear strategy and plan events or special posts in advance.

What platforms should you use?

Depending on what you are looking to promote, you should adapt your platforms accordingly.

That means that corporate, professional companies looking to advertise should focus on the likes of LinkedIn and Google+, but fun loving charities and start ups may prefer to experiment with Snapchat and Twitter.

Think about who you are aiming your content at and ensure that it matches with your brand. Facebook is a great all rounder, and Instagram is increasingly moving from luxury and classy content to become more general.

How often should you post?

That depends entirely upon the platform. Generally, you want to post regularly enough to keep in touch with your potential clients and fans, but you don't want to inundate them with content they aren't interested in. Here are our top tips:

Facebook - 5-10 times a week

Users are increasingly keen to avoid spam, but want attractive content to engage with. Trial and see what works best for you.

Twitter - 3-4 times a day

With so many users tweeting and no guarantee your posts will hang around on their feed for long, you need to post fairly frequently.

LinkedIn - 2-4 times a week

Professionals don't have time to read long posts every day, but you do want to keep in touch with them.

Pinterest - 5-10 times per day

The image platform is one of the most intense social media sites, with frequent posting even seen as more positive.

Instagram - 4-5 times a week

On Instagram in particular, quality is definitely more valuable than quality. If that means you post less but have better posts, don't be afraid to stick with it.

Snapchat - 3-4 times a day

Focus on stories for your Snapchat usage, and feel free to update it frequently as it won't be forced into the feeds of your followers as much as on other platforms.

With Socialnk, you can schedule posts for your social media profiles to ensure that they are posted at the right times and with the right frequencies. You can take a back seat safe in the knowledge that your posts are going out on time.