Twitter allows users to send direct messages to users they don’t follow

Now Twitter will allow users to see new messages from people they don’t follow before replying.

Tuesday 13, June 2017 08:06

Twitter will give users the ability to see new direct messages received from users they aren’t following before replying in a specific filter with a new feature which replicates a move by Facebook with their messaging service.

The new features of the DM service will apply to any users that allow users who they don’t follow to send them messages, and it will give them the opportunity to ‘accept’ or ‘delete’ new messages.

Users who send the messages will not be able to see if their message has been seen or not, at least until the receiving user accepts it, but deleting a new message will not block the user from sending further messages.

However, as part of their attempts to make the platform a safer experience, users will not be able to see any media files, such as photos or videos sent, until the message has been accepted in order to avoid any unwanted surprises. For users who wish to see the media files first, settings can be adapted to allow it, with a degree of flexibility in the new features.

The move continues efforts by the company to encourage the use of DMs as a method of communication for all and even as a way to gain more followers, whilst at the same time maintaining a degree of protection from unwanted communication or abuse.

The new developments has been introduced slowly across the world, starting on desktop, and will soon be available on mobile apps.