Socialnk's easy 7 step guide to increasing your Instagram engagement

Desperate to increase your engagement with your followers? Here are some top tips on how to do so.

Tuesday 3, October 2017 09:10 | Sam Leveridge

The holy grail for Instagram users is high engagement, but with the platform often changing its algorithm it is increasingly difficult to achieve it. Here are Socialnk's top seven tips on how to do so:

Resist the urge to use bots

It can be easy to get jealous of accounts which rapidly get hundreds or thousands of likes by buying them from bots online, but in truth it is an ineffective and short term solution.

Instagram are cracking down on the use of bots more and more and doing so will only see your content punished further down the line by the platform's algorithm or even by a flat out ban. Using this guide, you can find top tips as other techniques to get those likes without forking out your cash.

Be clever with your use of hashtags

Instagram's algorithm has changed to stop users just using the same hashtags over and over again, with such spam behaviour now punished and likely to see your posts disappear from hashtag searches and timelines.

Socialnk can help using our hashtag suggestion tool, which can make you aware of the best hashtags to use to reach your desired audience by monitoring the latest trends and most popular hashtags to add. This is a great way to reach new audiences.

Add a call to action to your posts

It may seem obvious but it's often forgotten. Add a question or encourage followers to comment on your post and they will do so, if you don't then there's no active encouragement for them to do so.

Rather than posting "Loved my coffee art at Starbucks this morning" try something like "Loved my coffee art at Starbucks this morning, where is your favourite place to get coffee?"

Schedule your content

You are wasting your content if you don't post at the time when your audience is active and online on Instagram. It can be hard to figure out when the perfect time is, but look at results and you'll often see a pattern develop.

Instagram are yet to make it easy for users to schedule their posts or for third parties to help users to do so, but expect developments on this aspect in the near future and Socialnk will keep you up to date.

Hold contests and competitions

What more do people love than free goodies?! Offer people something in exchange for their engagement and they're bound to get involved with your posts. It's also a great way to gain followers leading to long term interaction.

It may be the most costly of all of our tips, but it is a very efficient way to gain followers and a higher rate of engagement. This may be one to focus on once you've already got the ball moving.

Join an "Insta pod"

An "Insta pod" is a group of users who effectively act as a support group and engage with each other's posts. Not only do you get to make new friends, but you can also share your posts for others to interact with and vice versa, meaning that their followers are bound to follow too.

It's not always easy to find a group like this, but if you use Socialnk's follow suggestions then it can give you a good start. Alternatively, get in touch with accounts you love or keep an eye out on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Remember the value of stories

Stories may still be a fairly new addition to Instagram and there is no definite link, but increasing your use of stories means that you engage in more regular contact with your followers and consequently helps to boost engagement.

One option is to even post to your story advertising your new post or encouraging users to like or comment on it, but you should be careful not to overdo it as spam stories will see you lose followers quickly.