Social account management for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
Social media management is an act to monitor discussion and post which happen in real time in all social media platforms.

We all know the basic of social media marketing. Tweet, make a Facebook page, upload a picture with hashtags for Instagram, and you are done. At the same time, you also understand the importance customer interaction with the brand. But then it comes social media management to get things done for you.

However, when it comes to social media strategy, there is so much more to do than just uploading a picture, tweeting, or making a page. You need to keep up with the trend in the online marketplace.

What is social media management?

Social media management is basically an act to respond and monitor discussion and post which happen in real time in all social media platforms as well as online social gathering. The activity in the management of social media includes compiling, analyzing, listening, and engaging with your account. For a business with online marketing presence, the management of social media may also act as a backend of the social media strategy. This tool is one step further and allows you to listen to the customer.

Why is it so important for business?

Keep up with social media – the social media makes it even easier for the customer to interact with the certain brand. Whether it asking, voicing for praises and constructive criticism, customers have all the way to give feedback. Most of the business owner has more than one social media account to reach broader audiences. Having more than one social media accounts also means that you have to deal with hundreds of comments, mentions, and private messages every day. The management of social media helps you centralize the messages into a single stream which you can easily track.

Manage multiple accounts at once – as you rely on multiple accounts as marketing efforts, it means that managing for social media is a complex process as well. Imagine the effort you have to make to log in and log out from one social media platform to another, checking individual messages, replying comments, and much more. However, the social media management accommodates your necessity to stay online and connected with the customers.

Manage customer relationship – every customer is different and unique, so, it is important to treat them well. Avoid giving automatic responses but use a tool to keep track of those interactions. Mark the relevant response, so, it will be easier to know how to engage with customers.

Analyze social media performance – social media marketing is not just the matter of posting content only. Analyzing social media performance is also crucial to know how far you have achieved. You have to know what strategy worked and what did not.

The social media management provides the relevant data of the social media account. You will know what marketing strategy works best, which demographics to have the most engagement, what kind of content gets the most attention, and such thing. Analyzing social media is also very useful to create a marketing strategy that actually works. You can also optimize management of social media to monitor the relevant keywords.

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