6 steps to boost your Facebook likes

Find out how Socialnk can help you to take your Facebook page to the next level by massively increasing the number of likes on your profile in only six easy steps.

Sunday 10, September 2017 19:09 | Sam Leveridge

Every business or prominent figure these days needs social media profiles, and one of the most valuable tools to have is a Facebook page. Without likes though, Facebook can be a frustrating place for community managers to be. Here, Socialnk explain how to grow your number of likes in just six steps:

1. Set out your goals

As with any plan, you have to have clear and realistic objectives to begin with. Decide what number of likes you should aim for, perhaps by comparing to your competitors or similar Facebook pages, and then plan when you want to reach that number and how to work towards it.

2. Tick every box on your page

The more information that your Facebook page has the better. More and more, potential customers are going to Facebook to find out information about your business or profile and look for reviews. Open your page up for feedback and provide all the information you can think of from contact details to open hours and you are setting yourself up for greatness.

3. Create content that fans will want to engage with

If you want Facebook users to engage, you need to be producing content and posts that they will want on their timeline. With so many corporate profiles it can be hard to stand out from the crowd, so make sure that your content excels and doesn't get lost in the noise.

4. Plan your campaigns

An efficient way to reach your goals can be by breaking them down into months and planning relevant campaigns. Match these up with seasonal events or goings on in the real world and plan a calendar for the month. Use Socialnk to schedule your posts and see what you have planned. By being proactive and prepared, you can save time later down the line.

5. Use Facebook ads

Facebook ads generate 8.1 times more clicks than your average online advertisement and no other platform gives you the ability to target specific audiences like Facebook does. You can either promote your page, often the best way to get likes on your profile, or specific posts if you are running competitions or encouraging user generated content.

6. Use analytical tools to see what works

Socialnk allows you to keep an eye on just what you are achieving with your social media campaigns. By tracking the success of your posts and your page growth on our online platform, you can increase your usage of tricks that work and ditch ideas which aren't quite working out.

Register for a Socialnk account now and you will be able to get a step ahead of the competition through your usage of Facebook.