Why Is Optimizing Posting Times for Instagram So Important?

Optimizing posting times is very important for those who use Instagram for business.

Monday 4, December 2017 08:12 | Mark Primato

It is not a new thing anymore that most people around the world have been using Instagram. Some of them apply it for personal reason, while some others use it for business.

Whichever reason they have, every user certainly want other people to see, like and comment on their posts. But, getting so many likes is not that easy. Besides the content, we need to concern about the time to post. You have to keep in mind that each of your followers have their own specific time in using their phone and checking on Instagram. Hence, it is a big matter to know how to optimize posting times. Here are several reasons behind the importance of posting time optimization.

Increase Engagement Rate

When can we tell that we have a good engagement rate on Instagram? The answer is when a lot of your followers interact to your posts. By using some proper hashtags, some people who are non-followers will be able to see them too. This can be very helpful in term of brand awareness. People will get to know more about you or your brand. There is a big chance too that those non-followers will turn into your new followers.

Get More Likes and Comments

Previously, we have mentioned that most Instagram users want their posts to get a high amount of likes and comments. If you have the same intention, then upload your contents in the right time. The time we are discussing here refers to the time when people are actively using their phone. Choosing the wrong time may cause you losing likes and comments that you were supposed to get. Not to mention, your posts might have been heaped up by other contents from different accounts. Consequently, your followers will be clueless that you have uploaded a new post.

Get Higher Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Optimizing posting times is very important for those who use Instagram for business. It can help you to increase the CTR of your website (if you do have one). Not only does your Instagram gain a better engagement rate, but also your website or ecommerce. This earns you two benefits at once. What’s more, it could also improve your sales.

How to Optimize Posting Times for Instagram

Now that you have learned how important to optimize posting times is, it is time to figure out the best time for posting on Instagram. There are several general options you can try.

Lunch Time

Lunch time is the best time when your followers are mostly office workers. You can upload your post between 11AM – 1PM. During that period, most people usually take a break and check on their device.


Evening is a perfect time since most people, either students or employees, just finish their activities. As there is no more works to do, they have plenty time to update their Instagram. You can post your contents between 7PM – 9PM.


We must say that weekend is not always the best time for posting. It depends on your audience. If your followers are the customers of your business (B2C), then it will likely to get a great result. On the other hand, it might give a different result if it is B2B.

There is no doubt that Instagram can be really useful in boosting your business. But, uploading the content itself is not enough. You need to schedule your post so the engagement rate will get higher. And, you will obtain more likes and also new followers.