Social media planner
Social media has transformed everyone into marketers

Social media has transformed everyone into marketers. They simply blend with the big corporate brands but it does not stop the rise of social influencers, personal brands, Instagram models, and more. Whether you are a corporate or a single person, a constant use of all social media for marketing purposes should be well-considered. Even though social media has made marketing more accessible for smaller brands; it should be treated as running a, multinational company. With social media growing so fast, both small and large business should consider social media planner that actually works.

What is a social media planner?

Social media planner is a tool or service to help people manage the social media. Ideally, many business owners use more than one social media for marketing purpose. Managing multiple social media as well as keeping the commitment is difficult while there are so many tasks to do. As time is precious for all of us, having social media planner will be a great help. The planner helps you manage Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Otherwise, you will have to dedicate much amount of energy and time for managing and stay consistent.

Social media posting schedule

What is the biggest mistake a business owner ever do? It should be not taking enough time to plan social media calendar. Not investing enough time and effort in making social media planning and calendar potentially make you end up scrambling in finding good content to share. In fact, social media calendar and planner allows you to schedule and plan out months of quality content and post ahead of time. Through this way, you can definitely save tons of time sharing the content on social media. What you need to do to make social media calendar is take your time and do the following steps.

Decide posting time – if you think that it is important to post new content on every network every day, and then you are wrong. Social media thing is all about quality not quantity. The ideal time for updating posts is different from one social media to another. For example, you can post Facebook update for once or twice a day, Twitter for three to ten times a day, and Instagram for once or twice a day with 8 to 16 stories.

Decide the content type – People are looking for high quality content to keep them updated. The best tip is to keep marketing content for around 20 percent of all weekly posts and the other 80 percent sticks to informative and engaging content.

Put it up together – if you have the ideal posting time and content type, then you need to put it up together in a calendar. You can create social media calendar in the form of table and use color coding to differentiate the networks, schedules, and other events.

Stick with the schedule – scoring success in social media takes time. If you have created the killer social media calendar, the next thing that you need to do is to stick with it. The schedule helps you save bunch of times as well as makes you stay organized.


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