Instagram looks to discourage users from deleting posts with archiving

Monday 12, June 2017 20:06 | Sam Leveridge

To counter this, Instagram are launching a new characteristic called “archiving” that allows users to keep a post private, hiding all comments and likes, until the user decides to re-activate it at another time. Currently, the option is only available for selected users, but the company is expected to expand the availability of this option to more users in the next few months as they improve its functionality.

A spokesperson said “We are always trying new ways to improve the Instagram experience” and pointed out that the archive option creates a private space to see old posts.

Now, when a user creates a post that they aren’t sure about or that sees its meaning change, such as a photo with an ex-partner, they can archive the post and save the memory for themselves, without running the risk of regretting deleting the post and its interactions entirely.

Instagram has put its money on a raft of new features, with the introduction of options such as Instagram stories, to gain followers quickly, but this is the first major change in the management of posts that users have seen.