How to Improve Instagram Engagement Without Using Bots
If you are doing a campaign, you can analyze the performance.

The situation can be worse when the engagement rate is decreasing. Our like number is getting low, most posts only got a few comments, or there are no more new followers. These things never been a good news to any business. Don’t worry, though, as we have some solutions you can give a try.

Never Use Bots

No matter how low your Instagram engagement is, do not use bots at all. We understand how appealing this method is for business. However, due to the algorithms that can differentiate which one is real user or bot, Instagram can tell whether you are using such method. Once you got caught, you will be shadowbanned. That means only your followers can see your posts. Your content will not appear on the discovery page too.

Schedule Your Posts

Want to get likes or comments as many as possible? Then you need to optimize your posting times. Keep in mind that not all of your followers have the exact same time to check their Instagram. Hence, you must learn more about your followers. By that, you can determine the best time to do the posting. For example, if your followers are mostly office workers, you can post between 11AM to 1PM. Since it is their lunch time, they will likely check on their social media.

Use Proper Hashtags

Hashtag can contribute in improving your Instagram engagement. By using hashtags, even non-followers will be able to see your contents. However, please be careful to not use banned tags. And, you have to know the proper limit of using it. In this case, 5-10 tags per post are more than enough. If you put beyond that, Instagram will consider your content as a spam. Consequently, you might get shadowbanned. Thus, you have to be strategic in using the tags.

Be Active on Instagram Story

There have been many users having so much fun with Instagram Story. Be sure that you also do the same. It enables your followers to know the latest update of your business. Try to use features like Swipe Up or Hashtag so your stories will seem more creative, unique, and fun. That will make your followers to engage your account even more.

Socialnk Is Ready to Help

If you are really need a help in improving your Instagram engagement, then we, Socialnk, is ready to give the aid you need. There are several features you can enjoy by using our service.

  • You can increase your followers and interact with them to enhance brand awareness
  • You can organize your contents and manage them so they can be posted automatically in a certain time
  • If you are doing a campaign, you can analyze the performance. This surely will help to grow your account
  • Clueless about what hashtags to use? Don’t worry because we can provide you some suggestions of the best hashtag you can use for your Instagram

The features above are only a few you can get from us. Join us to find out more. Furthermore, note that we only use algorithms with manual and automatic action combination to improve the engagement. We do not use any Instagram Bots at all. So, you can expect the result you will get is completely genuine.

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