Social media for Hospitality Businesses

If you’re in the hospitality business, whether you own or manage a hotel or restaurant, your presence on social media is extremely important in this day and age to drive customers to visit. Whether they’re looking for pictures of food, looking at the menu, or reading through hotel customer’s reviews of their stay, it is essential that your social media be updated frequently and reflect what your business aims to provide for customers. Read on below to find out how an effective social media presence can positively influence and bring in customers to visit your business. 

Tuesday 17, April 2018 07:04 | Pablo Martinez

Social media for Hotels

Social media is now an essential for hotels looking to impress and bring in new customers to stay. With competing hotels around the corner, it is pertinent that you find a method to showcase what makes your hotel stand out. Utilizing Facebook can be a good idea to allow potential customers to read reviews of those who have stayed at your hotel.

Closely monitoring these reviews will allow you to be able to respond quickly to either thank the reviewer or respond and apologize if it is a complaint.

With Instagram you can post pictures and stories for people to watch and see photos of the inside and outside of your hotel. You can also use this to post photos of places to visit around the hotel in close proximity that make staying there even more appealing.

SocialInk can help you determine who your target audience is and work with the types of posts and times of postings that you want for your business.

Perhaps this means scheduling content to be posted around holidays or certain times when the tourist activity at your location is higher. Advertising deals and contests via social media can also help win customers over and make them want to experience your hotel for themselves.

SociaInk will also help you come up with hashtags and improve the use of them on your social media in relation to your hotel. Having a unique online presence on social media will work to attract new visitors and help them see what you have to offer rather than simply relying on the website or google to find basic reviews and photos. 

Manage social media accounts for restaurants

Having updated social media accounts as a restaurant is crucial to reaching potential clientele. Most followers rely on photos posted of the unique food offerings and scroll through their feeds to find what looks most appealing to them. Especially in niche markets such as those looking for vegan foods, it is essential that you show your ability to go beyond the “normal” restaurant atmosphere and offerings.

One way to engage followers to want to give your restaurant a try is by adding a call to action on your posts. Rather than just a normal caption, add a question that will engage followers.

A unique hashtag can also be imperative to your success, since when customers post photos of their food to Instagram, Facebook, or twitter, you will be able to check the hashtag use to re-post and share photos customers took. This will also benefit your business since customers rely on the reviews and thoughts of other customers.

Having updated photos of your menu, especially if something new is added, is a great way to add appeal and show customers why they should give your restaurant a try. If your restaurant is managing multiple social media accounts, it is essential that there is a plan for communication in place for customer inquiries and comments, positive or negative.

Let SociaInk help you find a way to manage your social media best and drive customers to eat at your restaurant.