Ever wondered how to add swipe up links to an Instagram story? Here's how!

Users can now add links to their Instagram stories to add another dimension to their content in just three simple steps.

Friday 4, August 2017 16:08 | Sam Leveridge

One of the latest feature of the photo sharing application has been the introduction of the ability to add links to stories. The move has allowed companies and organisations to boost their conversion rate through stories, a more personal and less imposing mode of making contact.

Whilst it is not yet available for all users as it is slowly rolled out, it remains a mystery to many social media managers just how to share a link in their story though, so here is our quick and easy three step guide:

Select the swipe up link icon at the top of the screen

The link icon is found centrally at the top of your screen, like two paper clips. Click there to begin the process and your fans will be able to click in order to see more.

Put in your desired URL

Make sure you've got the right link! Don't forget to add any UTMs or tracking features. You then have the option to preview link or can simply click done.

Share your story!

Once published, users will see the link as a "see more" button at the bottom of the screen that they can swipe up. Use your imagination to add drawings, stickers or anything you can think of to draw attention to the link.

Now, you can try out adding a link to your own Instagram story to take your engagement beyond just one simple photo.