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Manage your audience effectively and efficiently with Socialnk, your social media tool for management audience and publications. More than 200k clients have increased their number of followers and engagement rate and schedule posts daily.

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Increase your number of followers and interact with them to increase brand awareness.


Save time posting content in your social networks with a centralized and automated system.


Analyze the performance of your campaigns and help your accounts to grow.


Centralize the management of all your social networks, managing roles and tasks within your organization.

Increase your number of followers

Grow your audience and increase your brand visibility. 
We will give you daily suggestions on how to create acquisition campaigns to increase your number of followers which you can filter by: language, geographical location, multiple key words, negative key words and much more.

The quality filter will also help to ensure that the recommended accounts are exactly what you’re looking for.

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Visually Plan & Schedule Posts

Organize and publish your content on all of your social networks in a way which suits you, including enriched texts, links and images, and program the posts for a certain time.

You can add several social networks, including external blogs. Make the most of your posts!

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Analysis and daily updates

Don’t miss a thing when it comes to your social network profiles. 
You can check recommendations, the progress of your campaigns, published post, and any metric that we believe to be important.

If your campaign is geolocalized, you’ll be able to see your metrics on an interactive map.

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Hashtag tips and tricks

Socialnk is able to help you improve your use of hashtags. We can give you suggestions about the best hashtags to use in your social media posts to reach a wider audience and enhance your engagement.

We can also provide analysis that will allow you to track your use of hashtags. As such, you can see for yourself just how well certain hashtags and posts work, and we'll be here to give you recommendations about how to improve your hashtag use accordingly.

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Pricing Table

Our pricing is based on how many profiles you choose to manage. It’s aligned with your business objectives, meaning that you get more value for money as you grow. No contract. Cancel your plan at any time.



  • 1-3 Social Network Profile (one of each network)
  • Data retention beyond 3 months
  • Single team member
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  • Up to 3 Social Network Profiles
  • Data retention beyond 3 months
  • Single Team Member
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  • Up to 10 Social Network Profiles
  • Data retention beyond 1 Year
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Priority Tech Support
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  • Up to 50 Social Network Profiles
  • Data retention beyond 1 Year
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Priority Tech Support
  • Setup Support
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Our technology

Socialnk uses a variety of our own tools and technologies to help our clients achieve their social media goals.

By using internal tools to help us to offer you a range of services, we can make the most of the latest technologies and processes to find the easiest solutions to find you followers, help you to publish posts and engage with consumers, and to increase your brand engagement and recognition.

The best social media management tool

Socialnk is a key tool for anyone involved in social media marketing. As one of the best social media management tools on the market, it can help you to keep on track of social media trends and keywords. On top of that, Socialnk offers social media automation and social media analytics to ensure that you can keep on top of everything going on your social media profiles and maximize engagement.

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